Welcome to Simply Speaking



I’m Amanda.  I’m from Wisconsin.  I’m a minimalist.

I’ve created Simply Speaking to bask in the beauty of simple living.  I have a passion for writing and I hope to use this blog as not only a creative outlet, but as motivation to continue making positive lifestyle changes.

Read my blog, browse my photos, and contact me.

Happy perusing!

-Amanda Maria


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Simply Speaking

  1. Just read all about your journey, I LOVE IT! I am so glad that you found your passion so early in life. Some people never find theirs,or just too scared to chase it down. “You Go Girl” 🙂
    Joe and I need to work on becoming a bit more like this as well. As we begin some Spring cleaning I think we need to get a bit deeper than just our things but into ourself as well.
    Thanks for sharing your bravery. xoxo


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