Simply Speaking


Welcome to Simply Speaking

This is my brain dump where you’ll find my thoughts on minimalism, plastic-free living, cats, poetry, and other things that strike my fancy. As a sustainability activist, I aim to always act with the earth in mind.  On a daily basis, I do my best to lessen my production of waste that would otherwise go to landfill.  Simple and sustainable living is a beautiful thing.  Living this way, and seeing other people take on low-waste clutter-free lifestyles, provides constant inspiration, irritation, and motivation.  My hope is to be transparent about my successes and failures with this endeavor.

Read my blog, browse my photos, and contact me.

Happy perusing!

-Amanda Maria



2 thoughts on “Simply Speaking

  1. Just read all about your journey, I LOVE IT! I am so glad that you found your passion so early in life. Some people never find theirs,or just too scared to chase it down. “You Go Girl” 🙂
    Joe and I need to work on becoming a bit more like this as well. As we begin some Spring cleaning I think we need to get a bit deeper than just our things but into ourself as well.
    Thanks for sharing your bravery. xoxo


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