Minimalism: How I Define it

Essentially, minimalism is the act of customizing your life to fit your absolute needs and wants.  This may be confusing only because I’m talking about what you WANT, not what society tells you to want (or buy).  It’s about allowing yourself absolute freedom from material takeover.  Without meaningless belongings, those with meaning are utilized.  Without the distraction of excess, you can do you.  I’ve always wanted to be a writer but I was distracted by constant consumption.  I dreamt of writing, but I found myself buying makeup instead.  Minimalism has allowed me to pursue my passion with a clear focus.

It’s important to understand that minimalism is not just getting rid of your belongings.  That’s often the fun part, but not the most rewarding.  After you’ve pared down to the essentials, things that provide function or absolute happiness, you must stay that way.  You must resist the urge to go out and buy things to replace your things.  It’s a lifestyle, not a fad!  If you’re committed it will change your life.  If you’re not committed, you’ll only change the appearance of your Instagram.  It’s not about owning as few things as possible. It’s about being free from our obsession with material objects.  It’s about owning what provides function and happiness. For some, that may be 50 belongings and living in an off the grid camper.  For others, it is simply having control over a decluttered space.  Minimalism is customizable to the individual.  There are various extremes but in the end, it’s about simplifying the craziness that modern society pushes on us.  It’s about living intentionally and making time for yourself, your relationships, and your passions.  Living a life with less creates a life with more.  Do it.  I dare you.

Thanks for visiting!

-Amanda Maria

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