Minimalism: How I came to be a Minimalist.

I was a newbie in the beauty industry.  I had graduated beauty school and landed the perfect job at a high-end salon.  I thought hair was my passion; making people beautiful was rewarding work.  It was a demanding job on both my mind and body.  I encountered all sorts of personalities and sometimes left work feeling worthless if a client left unsatisfied.  I’d wake up each day and cake on layers of makeup, my skin was horrible, and there was a disconnect with who I was at work and who I was at home. The bulk of my paychecks was spent on makeup products and clothing to enhance my image.  I came to realize that I disagreed with the superficial aspects of the beauty industry.

I was purchasing an image I’d seen on Instagram and I had been completely absorbed into fakeness.  I lost myself in stuff.  I knew the image I was portraying was not aligning with my values and that was the ultimate struggle.  I disagreed with how I was living my life, but I didn’t know where to start to change it.  It became a monthly occurrence where I would reorganize my things so I wasn’t feeling bombarded by the clutter.  I would empty the contents of my closet onto my bed and organize.  I bought closet systems and pretty bins to hide my things in.

Dustin and I had started dating and he came over to my apartment one day. I would not allow him in my bedroom because I was in the middle of an organizational nightmare.  My closet had vomited all over my bedroom and I couldn’t let him see that I was a pack rat.  This was my first revelation.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to have company over and not be ashamed of the state of my home?  Dustin introduced me to the concept of minimalism.  He told me that he owned very little and that allowed him to do what he truly wanted with his time.  He only kept things that provided joy or function to his life.  I hit the ground running.  Dustin was the catalyst I needed to push me over the edge of change.  In about three months, I got rid of 85% of my belongings.  I pared down to the essentials, what brought me joy, and what provided a function.  My cluttered home became an oasis.  I quit my job and enrolled in school to pursue an English degree.

Writing has always been my true passion and with minimalism I can reach my full potential.  I jumped right in and committed to the lifestyle change.  I hope this blog will serve as a creative outlet for me to inspire others.  Hairstyling was a temporary and external reward, whereas minimalism is rewarding inside and out for a life time.

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