Joplin the Princess. Bow down!

Meet Joplin!

Joplin is my feline companion.  She embodies many of my own traits like sassiness and a love of food. IMGP2077

Here is a list of Joplin’s nicknames (she is named after the sassiest of all sassies, Janice Joplin):

  • Jops
  • Jalapeno Jopper
  • Jopperdoodle
  • Japoodle
  • Tater Tot
  • Tumble weed
  • Squints McGee
  • Hooky
  • Bean
  • Little Bean
  • Beanie bopper
  • Princess
  • Pretty Princess
  • Sassafrass
  • Fatty
  • Jopin
  • Baby girl
  • Pretty girl
  • Bebe

I adopted Jops two years ago from the Human Society where she had been living as an office cat for several months.  Joplin was in a cage marked “No children” which isolated her in a room with skittish and elderly cats.  When I first saw her, I knew I’d be taking her home with me.  Our relationship, however, was not love at first sight.  It’s taken me two years to build the relationship I have with my princess.

She spent her first night on my chest growling whenever I tried to move.  She swiped at my face whenever I tried to pick her up, kiss her, or touch her anywhere below the neck.  She stealthy stole whole slices of pizza off my plate.


Jops was brought to the Humane Society as a stray and after I got to know her, I realized she had been a trash cat.  Joplin eats everything in sight.  For some time, she did not know where or when she’d find her next meal.  She is no stranger to pizza or McChickens (popular dumpster food).  If there is food present, Joplin is around.  Her food bowl is devoured in seconds.  Before I got a trash can with a lid, I would awake to a trash explosion in my living room.  Naturally, Joplin is overweight.  She is on a strict diet of moist food (mixed with a little dry).  Extensive play with her favorite catnip fish and daily brushings are a must.

Jops is a tabby/calico mix.  She came to the Humane Society with  one squinty eye and broken tail.  Her tail is now in a permanent, but endearing, hook shape.  She is missing a front tooth because it was broken when she arrived at the shelter.  She may be scruffy, but I think she’s the cutest!  Calico’s are often sassy and tend to stick to one human.  After two years, I can kiss her, hold her, and give her a playful butt spank.  She sleeps tight to my body and purrs herself to sleep.  She follows me around the house and runs to the door when I come home.  She loves me and I’m so blessed to be her human.  It’s rare for others to see her act this way because she’s her sweetest at about 3am when she rolls on my face to wake me up for a quick pet session.  Dustin and Jops still have some things to work on in their relationship, but he’s her second favorite human. Once we move in together, I’m hoping she’ll love him as much as I do.


There is nothing like having an animal that loves you back, especially when you know how hard you worked for that love!  If you’re considering a furry companion, PLEASE adopt or rescue one from your local shelter.

Thanks for listening!

Amanda Maria and Joplin



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