Minimalism: “Please excuse the state of my home!”

When you start telling people that you’re a minimalist, you get a variety of reactions.  Some people are familiar with the idea and knowing a minimalist personally inspires them to jump on the wagon.  Some people feel ashamed of their own lives and try to hide their things from you.  Some people ask you not to judge the state of their homes because “you’re a minimalist now”.    Some people criticize you.  Some people make minimalist jokes.  Some people are uncomfortable.  Some people think you’re a crazy hippie-dippy liberal.  I’ve experienced each of these reactions but I’m fortunate to say most people are supportive and willing to listen.

Just because I’m a minimalist does not mean I’m going to judge the way you live.

I’m not walking into your house analyzing your belongings and thinking about what you could do without.

I’m not crippled with anxiety looking at your cluttered hall closet.

I’m not terrified by your proudly displayed sports memorabilia collection.

I’m not secretly thinking about how you’re a crazy pack rat.

Living a modern/alternative lifestyle does not make me a “hippie”.

Minimalism is not only for people on the left.

I don’t think you’re dirty because you own things.

Don’t be ashamed of your belongings because you own more than I do.  Don’t feel like you need to justify your things to me.

If you’re interested in decluttering or downsizing, I’m here to help!

If you’re inspired by my lifestyle, I’ll offer my advice.

If I see that you could benefit from a decluttered space, I’ll mention how much it’s helped me.

If you think I’m crazy, I kind of am.

If you think minimalism is a crazy fad worthy of sarcastic criticism, I’ll joke about it with you.


Minimalism is an individual journey.  I’m not here to force change into people’s lives.  I’m sharing my story and if you’re intrigued, give it a try.

Thanks for listening!

-Amanda Maria

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