Minimalism: Unavoidable Boredom .

If someone asked the old me what I liked to do in my spare time, I probably wouldn’t have had an exciting answer.  I always thought of myself as someone who loved to go hiking, someone who liked to read and write, and someone who liked to make music.

But let’s face it.  I never actually went out and did those things; I just wanted to think that I did.  I wanted to think I was an individual with individual interests and hobbies.  My “interests” however, were spoon-fed to me through social media and my attempt to appear “unique” cost me my sense of self.  I was a cog in the consumerist machine.

So what was I actually doing in my free time?

  • Spending hours on social media
  • Shopping for unecessary things
  • Lounging/Netflix/napping

After I purged 85% of my belongings, this strange thing happened to me.  I got REALLY bored.

Gone were the days of aimlessly browsing social media to fill every second of downtime.

Gone were the days where my instant cure for boredom was spending copious amounts of money on material things.

Gone were the days where I binge watched tv shows and fell asleep for hours at a time on my living room sofa only to wake disoriented and scroll through my newsfeed. I still watch Netflix but I try to limit myself and only watch things that I know will keep my attention.

After I purged 85% of my belongings, I was scared shitless.

What do I do with all this space?

What do I do with all this time?

I was faced with the scary realization of my own independence.

I had gifted myself wasted time.

Instead of waking up and scrolling through social media for thirty minutes with tired eyes, I give my cat a good pet, feed the fish, make myself coffee, and meditate.  Instead of sitting at a doctors office glued to my phone, I knit, bring a book, or talk to other people in the waiting room.  I revisited a DIY board on my Pinterest and actually started creating the ideas I’d dreamt of.

I literally feel as though my perception has shifted.  My life has put the phone down, removed the clutter, and become consciously aware of what’s right in front of me.  I’m in the drivers seat and oh boy, it’s liberating!

Minimize the excess and maximize your success.  You may not know what the hell to do with yourself when all your shit is gone and your house rarely gets dirty.  FIND A HOBBY!

  • Clear your mind
  • Finish the projects you’ve started
  • Master a skill
  • Learn something new
  • Study something you’re interested in
  • Be active, go outside
  • Talk to new people
  • Be present with the present

Minimalism isn’t about the downsizing; it’s about the time (life) that comes after.  Utilize your time for something that will make you happy.

I’m still working on this as it will be a life-long process of discovering new hobbies.

Currently I love writing, knitting, walking around antique stores, hiking, expanding my spirituality, and making music.

Over the years I’ve written a few songs and only recently have I had the time and the drive to bring them to life.  I taught myself the basics of garage band and with a nice vocal microphone, I began recording my own songs.  My dad, being an extremely talented musician, created an acoustic instrumental to the raw vocal track that I sent him.  As finals are approaching, my head is elsewhere but I’m hoping to jump back into song writing during the summer.

I’d like to share with you what my papa and I created!  Take a listen to our demo of my song “Just Two Tickets.”  Let me know what you think!



Me and my papa

-Amanda Maria


7 thoughts on “Minimalism: Unavoidable Boredom .

  1. Hi Amanda, Your song is amazing and I love what your dad added to it. Beautiful….I sooo want to blast it over social media, though. LOL Great job! Keeping writing songs and singing. You are soooo talented. Enjoy the hikes and other things that show you’re taking time to smell the roses as your adventures in life unfold.

    June Roush (a friend of your mom’s)

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  2. This was an amazing post followed by you sharing your awesome singing talent. Love your journey and hearing about all you are discovering about yourself and this wonderful world. Love you!

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  3. “I was a cog in the consumerist machine.”

    I can definitely relate. And I like your suggestions about getting a hobby! If minimalism was just about getting rid of things, the goal would be to live functionally homeless, but it’s not about that, fortunately 😀 It’s like you said, invest your time into passions by living a life less focused on things and more focused on experiences.

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