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From hairstylist and shopping addict, to English major and eco-warrior, I created Simply Speaking to bask in the beauty of simple and ecological living.  It all began with my discovery of minimalism through the most romantic of ways, falling in love.  My love, Dustin, introduced me to minimalism and gave me the push I needed to get rid of 85 percent of my belongings.  I quit my job as a hairstylist and went back to school to pursue my passion of the written word.  Dustin and I moved into a 500sqft apartment where we got rid of another 90% of our belongings.  This second-wave of downsizing has brought us to a new level of simplicity and allowed us the clarity to focus on an ecological approach to daily life.  We are accompanied by a sassy cat named Joplin and a mischievous bunny named Banzo.  Join me as I write about my experience with decluttering my life, changing my career path, and altering my lifestyle to benefit our beautiful planet.

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-Amanda Maria