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 I’m Amanda and I’m a minimalist.


Myself and Dustin

From hairstylist and shopping addict, to English major and minimalist, I created Simply Speaking to bask in the beauty of simple living.  I found minimalism in the most romantic of ways, by falling in love.  My love, Dustin, introduced me to minimalism and gave me the push I needed to get rid of 85 percent of my belongings.  I quit my job as a hairstylist and went back to school to pursue my passion of writing.  This summer, we will be moving into a 500sqft apartment (though some may call it a hut) and as minimalists, we couldn’t be more excited to downsize.  We’ll be accompanied by my sassy cat Joplin and a fish tank full of aquatic creatures.  Join me as I write about my experience with decluttering my life and offer advice to those intrigued by getting back to the basics.

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-Amanda Maria